Jumat, 08 Mei 2009

Blog is world Miracle, trust me!

From begining.......
what's the meaning of blog?
i think blog is "location"
that's true?

Find the answer here.....
someday, when i watching one program in television, popular talk show in Indonesia anyway and the moment they are have an artis, models exactly. She is really, really most popular models at the time, because, she is models in Spain Playboy magazine. the problem is?
she is Indonesian girl and naked in magazine is something wrong for us.

In conclusion: TV program, models, naked is the meaning of BLOG?
absolutly not!!!!

The models says, she have a BLOG to explain everything about her career, story behind how she become playboys models, and how her think that's a mistake in her life.
finaly, i hearing about " A BLOG" at the moment.

internet is my next destination to find more information about blog and her naked photo's absolutly. hehehehehehe.....dirty mind: mode on!

and than, i know blog is online journal. we can write any thing about life, hobby, supid story, more information about technology, healty life, bussines, knowlage anout music, hot selebrity gossip, and many more.

and i chose to write and share about my stupid story life. its woderfull and very interesting, blog have a same method with facebook, frienster and other social network. we just need more and more blogging in frends blog and leave a comment on there. and than we can get many friends time at the time.

One day i visit my friend's blog, she name is Zee, she says about "getting dollars with blog". oh my god, i dont know about it. in my mind, blog just a journal online all the time. but now, i getting new information and that so important.

On the others time, i visit Ijopunkjutee's blog and find something new, how to make money with easy ways . it's so easy, we just to register in there, waiting for several time to getting approval, writing article and posting in your blog and than u get a paid. how u think? it's easy? absolutely yes!

The question is, can i promote my product, my website, my company or something else in there?
the answer is YESS!
you can register as advertiser

Now, money is not problem, the problem is no have money.
but, why money become is problem if you can getting money with ure blog

13 komentar:

Pipit mengatakan...

blog? for me it's all about story

senoaji mengatakan...

blog for me, like a box of coccolate, we dont know what we got (forrest gump)

Itik Bali mengatakan...

mas faizz ikutan dong paid reviewnya
kasih infonya yo mas..tak tunggu

Pencerah mengatakan...

blog for me like a home

vie_three mengatakan...

widiw.... asli niy sekarang blognya pake bahasa planet lain dech kayaknya....

Susy Ella mengatakan...

blog for me....is my diary...
story about my life...happy..sad..angry..stupid ...everything...


blog can help u..to get a new friend....

♥ Neng Aia ♥ mengatakan...

dah dibilangin jangan pake bhs german!!


priandhani mengatakan...

mayan dah, gocap ban udah di tangan.

Anonim mengatakan...

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Anonim mengatakan...

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Anonim mengatakan...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
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